Resource Motivation — the drive needed to accomplish tasks

Resource Motivation

I have surveyed hundreds of project managers around the world and found resource motivation to be their number one frustration. Most resources have sufficient skills to accomplish their tasks. So why do so many resources perform poorly?

There are many reasons. Certainly the greatest control managers have is over their own individual behavior. I find that managers can significantly improve resource motivation. Even more, I believe it is the responsibility of the manager to do so.

Due to the predominance of this frustration, I wrote this article. It presents methods for managers to significantly improve their resource motivation.

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Daily task estimates – the key to delivering on schedule

Task Estimates

Task estimates must be accurate to achieve project success.  Most of all they effect the budget and schedule of a project.  Currently worldwide, 7 out of 10 projects fail.  And they fail because they are over budget, or finish late.  This is tragic, not to mention expensive.

The good news is project managers can overcome these problems.  The solution is to create excellent task estimates.  This article focuses on Execution Task Estimates, including how to use them effectively.

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Delegation—5 techniques that will get you excellent results!

I recently surveyed professional projects managers from 54 countries and they all reported that their resources are a major source of concern. Perhaps you can relate to the frustration—their resources:

  • Lack enthusiasm and do not take responsibility
  • Do not report inhibitors and cause tasks to be late 
  • Deprioritize the tasks or quit working them without notification
  • Take more time than needed just to fill the allotted time
  • Do not understand tasks and wait for instruction

And perhaps you have experienced this: Your leadership assigns you a project with the usual constraints including scope, budget, and schedule—and you are expected to make it happen.  So, you pull together the best team of resources you can hoping, that they will deliver what is expected, on time, and with quality.

If you are experiencing any of these challenges, the good new is it can be better, much better—you can significantly improve the performance of your resources and have confidence they will delivery you as you have planned. This article explains several simple techniques you can implement right now that will greatly increase your success. Simple things that, amazingly, few project managers do…

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