Task Management

Do you delegate tasks? If you do, I’m confident you will find Lagility a great resource. Lagility is all about the science of task management—sharing proven methods that will significantly improve your results.

Hello and welcome—I’m Steven Souther, founder of Lagility.  I’m pleased you are here and look forward to teaming with you!

Endless Challenges

To be effective, project managers, corporate managers, and small business owners must delegate tasks to others. Having resources to leverage is great, however when you do, you face many challenges...

Chasing Status

Chasing task status and receiving late reports

Poor Estimates

Poor estimates of the time needed to complete tasks

Inhibitor Reporting

Late reporting of inhibitors causing tasks to be late

Task Priority

Staff that deprioritize or stop working tasks without notifying you

Staff Competition

Competition for staff time to work your tasks

Lacking Skills

Staff that do not have needed skills and wait for instruction

This is the short list, but if you can relate to any of these, I have no doubt that Lagility Methods will work great for you.

Out of Necessity

For over 13 years I have managed hundreds of complex projects with thousands of staff resources, including budgets that ran into the hundreds of millions of dollars.  This experience has been great, as it required me to work through many complex task management challenges.

Throughout my experience I found that text book processes and commercial management tools do not perform well.  Even today, most project managers I know use spreadsheets and manual processes to fill in the gaps where traditional methods and tools don’t work.

As I conquered the challenges, I developed methods not only to fill in the gaps, but to optimize all of the processes and tools needed for task management. This real-world experience combined with formal training and continuous refinement over the years has resulted in the "Lagility Method".

At this point in my career I am focused on bringing the Lagility Method to others. It is both exciting and fulfilling for me to provide task managers with more confidence, better results, and, believe it or not—less stress when managing others.  From the best of my experience I am delivering time tested methods and tools—ones that are easy to implement, affordable, and highly effective.

Team Lagility

Lagility was established in 2017, and is located in the Philippines on the island of Luzon.  The island is rich in people who are intelligent, well educated, humble, and love to celebrate life—It is wonderful to work here!

Our team is composed of software developers, market researchers, consultants, and professional project managers.  We are expanding this year to include customer support staff as we prepare to release our first products.

2017 was our year of team building, research, and development. The excitement is building as we have connected with over 4,200 project management professionals residing in 54 countries. The information shared with us is amazing and helpful as we prepare for the first release the method.

2018 is the year of delivery—we are excited...

Benefits Now

Pick up your free copy of the Task Management report.  Learn from professional project managers in 54 different countries. Their responses are amazing, and after distilling some 33,270 words  found some very interesting common challenges.

Check out our “Tips” blog—I think you will find it interesting.  It provides helpful task management tips.  We thrive on different perspectives and would love to hear yours—let us know what's on your mind!

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